Stretching Exercise Education Massage

The S.E.E.M. (stretching, exercise, education, massage) technique is an important piece of Micro-trauma Maintenance Therapy. Too often, the importance of active isolated stretching and simple exercise is overlooked in the practice of massage. As the founder of this form of therapy, Raju Mantina has been practicing the S.E.E.M. technique for many years, and the results speak for themselves. He has sent athletes to national and even world championships. Although his main focus today is sharing his knowledge of Micro-trauma Maintenance Therapy, his S.E.E.M. technique still serves an important role, both in M.T.M.T. and in the massage world in general.




Massage is the most important element of recovery. It improves and even speeds up the rehabilitation process. However, massage alone is not the most effective form of recovery. This therapy is most effective when partnered with stretching (AIS) and exercise.


The importance of exercise within the massage field is often neglected. Exercise is immensely important as a recovery tactic, especially when preparing one’s body to undergo massage work. It facilitates the therapist’s ability to pinpoint issues.


Stretching, specifically active, isolated stretching, is another neglected area of massage. Stretching lengthens the soft tissue. The balance of massage, stretching (AIS), and exercise makes up the ideal recovery model.


Although his passion for this work is great, Mr. Mantina’s true calling lies within education. He wishes to share this impressive form of therapy with other therapists and ultimately aims to progress the treatment of moderate tears.